Online / HyBrid Instructor Method

Online Teaching and Learning Method

 Click link above to gather how I arrange and administer my “HyBrid Introduction to Social Sciences” (freshman-undergrad) course (in 2008 at Montcalm Community College). I have also taught PS 1010 Online at Wayne State University for 2 semesters.

Briefly, a HyBrid course is half of the time online; half of the time face-to-face. It’s great for students who work full-time or are predominantly self-learners. Of course, face-to-face learning will always provide teachers and students with an opportunity for a more personal education, since the “teachable moment” cannot be uploaded and downloaded so easily. In this way, HyBrids may catch the best of both learning environments.

***Much of my formatting was learned while completing a 6 week online certification course in 2006 via Montcalm Community College.


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