Political scientists sometimes create databases for their research and post those datasets on public sites. This online space is where I post my databases.


Dataset 1: (link) Iraqi Reconstruction Obligated Dollars, 2004-2006. 10,543 contracts. Paper under review.


Dataset 2: Dissertation

The database is a systematic sample (every 20th article) of news on “Patriot Act” (sample 51 from 1000) from a Lexus Nexus Academic Universe search. The first article is dated October 5, 2001, and the last article is dated September 25, 2013. The database provides every sentence from the sample in a timeline, from oldest (date) to newest (date). I also account for the name of the publication, publication type (as described by Lexus Nexus), author, and date.

I describe whether or not the sentence represents republicanism, liberalism, or authoritarianism (variable 1), according to the indicators described in the dissertation. I also perform a content analysis to determine whether or not the sentence suggested: repeal the Patriot Act, keep it / the status quo, or expand it / go to war (variable 2). In determining this variable, I simple performed a preponderance of the evidence test. For example, I coded the following sentence as keep it / status quo, “The Patriot Act is ‘not the big change that everybody makes it out to be,’ Mr. Baker said, but rather like waving ‘the centerfielder over to the right a couple of yards.’”

On page 1, in excel, is the full database. On page two is variable 1 information. On page three is variable 2 information.

The indicators, and all other relevant information, will be uploaded in July, 2014.


I am also working with Jeff Grynaviski on a “Resolutions of Instruction” database. I presented this research at MPSA, 2014, and I will provide a link to that database (over 2,000 Resolutions of Instruction) after our work is published. TBD.


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