Navigating Data Resources: How to Teach Students to Find Data Sets

This post is a partial “copy and paste” of a workshop that I attended at the 2013 Teaching and Learning Conference. The authors [Librarians] are Mara Rojeski from Georgetown University and Annelise Sklar from University of California, San Diego. Personally, the workshop was very helpful, which is why I am web loggin’ it. Thanks!!


Navigating Data Resources:  How to Teach Students to Find Data Sets

 Web Resources

○     FRED (St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank) economic and related data

○     Zanran

Political Science Datasets

○     Correlates of War (CoW)

○     Policy Agendas Project data

○     Polity

○     The Quality of Government Institute dataset (tip: Use the codebook to find addtional datasets)

Data Repositories

○     ICPSR (See also the ICPSR Resources for Instructors

○     IQSS Dataverse

○     Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (log in required to use the iPoll Data Bank

Teaching Resources

○     Teaching with Data

○     ICPSR Resources for Instructors

○     Social Sciences Data Analysis Network


○     International Association for Social Science Information Services & Technology (IASSIST)

Directions for Students: Each group should search for data sets relevant to the topic with their assigned starting place.  Make some notes on advantages and disadvantages of your method and what data you find so that your small group can share what you found with everyone.

Finally, Email me with additional data navigation resources:



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