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Blogging Philosophy:  This blog is tailored to the political society. Bloggers are unique because they are able to make autonomous choices with respect to increasing efficacy in worthwhile activity–to contribute “scientific capital” to the field at will. Blogging is a way of building something from the bottom-up. High traffic blogs provide and exchange amounts of scientific capital. Political Pipeline is designed to become a database of: political poems on political science literature (as literature), teaching lectures to students of political science, updates on the field of political science, and sometimes just ramblin’.

Twitter: It’s a good idea for educators to have students follow your “class” twitter account. Follow me at  Government_Now. All my tweets are meant to be helpful to my “Government” students. This is not part of my student’s assessment. “Tweets are our formative assessment of Life.”

Purpose: I have tried to create a Blog that is light-heartening, but it is very thick. For example, my Blog entries are divided into the following categories [some entries may be in multiple categories]:

Picture of me surfing in “Detroit Surf All-Stars 8” ZUMA, always ZUMA when in L.A.!

Detroit Surf All Stars 8About John: Ph.d. Candidate at Wayne State University (May 2015). I graduated from James Madison College [inside Michigan State], 1999, with a degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2005 (Wayne State). I taught computer applications from 2004-2006, and I was an Adjunct Professor at Montcalm Community College from 2006-2009 (taught 63 credits of social science and computer classes). As a Graduate Teaching Assistant from 2010-2013 for Wayne State University, I taught American Government, Introduction to Political Science, and Introduction to Public Policy. I started this blog because of a professor in graduate school.

My Habitus: I’m a 1st generation American. My Macedonian mother came to the U.S.A. after high school and my British-Norwegian father arrived at 3 years of age. I grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a “middle class” neighborhood filled with other Macedonian relatives, who continue in the ways of the “old country,” often with a thick accent. Really, my friends growing up at times needed my translation of my mother’s English. Indubitably, Macedonia and my mother’s village in the old country is idyllic, and I’ve visited 5 times and soon once more with my family. I’ve spent time in Norway, Romania, England, Australia, New Zealand, Albania, Greece, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands–not enough places. I understand the immigrant story. Really, when I was a substitute teacher at my old high school (Ford II) in 2002 (during M.A.T. program), students asked me where I was from… My mother was a born-again Christian and registered nurse. My father is a lawyer and an author (made MSU Law Review in his day). My Macedonia great-grandfather came to the USA to work the railroads and bought land and built a farm in Macedonia. My English great grandfather made propaganda films during WWII and showed them in schools in England, America, and Canada, I believe, and my great Norwegian grandfather was a sailor. My habitus may help you understand where I’m coming from, or not. Yet we’ll never fully account for bias in the field without data.  I am a “republican” who affiliates as an “Independent.” I enjoy researching how people are committed to republicanism. Does a commitment to republicanism best predict of elections when liberals are evenly divided? As a student of philosophy and political science, I do think personal background matters.

Creative Projects tab: Many of my posts are a rearticulating of salient professional-published works as poetry–usually from a “live lecture.” I combine the poems by sub-field (or sub-sub field) into books. This should be particularly useful to professors teaching a class on the same topic as one of my creative books. Collaboration indeed.

Teaching tab: I provide “lectures” that my students enjoyed and recommend for future classes. I provide the instructions for the lecture, the handouts for the students, as well as the general “question” being addressed in the lecture. No matter class size, my lectures integrate content analysis, group collaboration, and educated oral statements from students which propel my lecture.

Research tab: This page represents my professional commitment to the field.

Challenges tab: I designate a space for posts that I think are instrumental in being a wiser political scientist. I call for collaboration, so as to create an open database consisting of useful research questions and answers.

Philosophy tab: I have been researching philosophy since 1995 (James Madison College at Michigan State). This space is the most nuanced. My niche market is political philosophers—sometimes for professional chats, other times to just relax and have a laugh.

Tag: “Political Pipeline: Surfing Political Science”

Contact: john.girdwood@wayne.edu

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Inaugural post is here. A defining post is here, here, and here. If you just want to know about, quite scientifically, “American Politics;” then read this!



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