Political Pipeline strives to be an interactive blog in the spirit of deliberative democracy. The challenges are designed for political aficionados and political scientists to be a mechanism for collaborating ideas and evidence. In each of the challenges, I provide my answer [and possibly some evidence]. To qualify for submission approval, your challenge answer must follow the same format that I provided. Answers must be 300 words or less. Submit answer as a Comment.

Challenge 1: What does a Comparative Comparativist research? see Challenge here.

Challenge 2: What Model should we use to determine whether or not a State is a Democracy? see Challenge HERE.

Challenge 3: How does philosophy impact political science? see Challenge here.

Challenge 4: Describe another means to research party activity! see Challenge HERE.

Challenge 5: What’s political science? see Challenge here or here.

Challenge 6: What’s your favorite theorem? see Challenge HERE.

Challenge 7: How to complete a “best” culture analysis here.

Challenge 8: To what extent is the Vice President[ial candidate] an “Attack Dog” in the general election.

Challenge 9: What, exactly, wouldutopia look like?

Challenge 10: What is your philosophy?

**Competitions will close December 31 of each year. Yearly winners in each category will receive a certificate by February 1st. I will repost winning answers.

Good luck!



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