Vegas, Baby! Presenting at AABSS!

Hello, this is an outline of the paper I will get feedback on at the AABSS soon.  My paper last year did earn great constructive comments, and, I am geeked to say, was recently published in the Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Also, given today’s Inauguration and events, I do believe my research is important because I can help to explain the roots of our divides.  May God Bless America,

Title:   A Culture Matrix, Results from a Data-Driven Approach to American Culture

Abstract:  Should social scientists research the multiple traditions of liberalism, republicanism, and authoritarianism since each is known to be a long-term element of the American culture?  Is republicanism unimportant in the face of the well-known liberal tradition?  To attempt to answer these questions, I will operationalize three major elements of the culture: liberalism, republicanism, and authoritarianism.  I will apply the codes for the elements that are enumerated in this paper to data I gathered in regards to the Patriot Act.  If there are significant matches on republicanism, then social scientists should begin to explore the American political culture in a new and invigorating data-driven approach by means of multiple traditions.


Table of Contents

Abstract                      Page 2

Introduction                Page 3

Background on topic  Page 4

Theory                         Page 9

Operationalization of Three Elements in America Culture     Page 11

Signals of Authoritarianism    Page 11

Signals of Liberalism              Page 13

Signals of Republicanism        Page 16

Measurement Tools                 Page 19

The Matrix Results                  Page 20

Correlation Testing                 Page 20

Reliability                                Page 20

Validity                                   Page 22

Data Results                            Page 22

Data Discussion                      Page 26

Conclusion                              Page 27

Bibliography                           Page 29

Date:  January 31, 2017

Place:  AABSS Annual Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada


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