My Personal Hero is being Muddy-pied?

My personal hero, Ed Snowden, is being muddy-pied?

When conservatives say “Bureaucrats” they mean… stuff like this report?

Ed. Snowden is our Hero for our Republic in this time.


4 thoughts on “My Personal Hero is being Muddy-pied?

  1. Why do you think Ed Snowden is a hero? It is alleged that Russians hacked and released Democrat party emails? If true, are the Russians heroes too? When does the expectation of privacy become public knowledge?

    • Wow, where to begin? First, Ed. Snowden worked within our Republic, noticed that the people in power (at NSA) were doing things that spokespeople were explicitly saying “is not being done”… hence, whistleblower. Since a whistle blower is telling the American people about the illigal stuff “going on”, they are supposed to be “protected.” The thing is, the surveillance wrongdoings were so egregious that it’s easier to SPIN Snowden as a criminal rather than to admit wrongdoing according to previous public and congressional statements.

      In a Republic, the people are the power holders, and this “line” between privacy and that the public employees are “doing” relies on “what the public employees are doing” and not so much the “privacy of your FB account.”


  2. If the Russians did indeed hack into the Democrat party (and there is no actual proof they did, my thoughts are that it was a high-ranking disgruntled Democrat) then besides helping get Trump elected, it also made the Democrat party more transparent, which was to their embarrassment. Again, when does an expectation of privacy turn around so that stealing and revealing that information makes a person a hero?

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