“Young Voting!” How Is This Not A Thingie?

So, I voted!  It was really a fun experience.

Around 7:03 p.m., me and my 10 year old daughter walked up to a desk in an elementary school. I showed my driver’s license and filled out a card as I greeted neighbors I met with during the subdivision’s Oktoberfest.  We walk to another person at another desk.  She looked at my ID and form, matched the signatures, and gave me a ballot.  Both election people greeted my daughter kindly, and asked her to vote on a kid friendly card–Snoopy apparently won her vote!

As we walked to the ballot booth, or table with dividers, and then finally settled in on a booth, we quietly talked about the ballot. After I exercised my vote on every item save the presidency, I paused and asked Ava “Who gets my voice?” to which she says, “Your vote?”  Inevitably, I put down the pen, covered my eyes, and…  Ava picked up the pen, voted for President, slammed down the pen (which I heard), flopped the flap over, and placed her hand on top of the ballot. I peek, and she whisper-screams, “Good job!”  I see her smile. I uncover my eyes.

“Young Voting!”  How is this not a thingie?



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