Bang. bang.

I am an Independent.

Gun control, as in the rules for buying a gun and which guns are legal to sell, is an important political issue. Over the last ten years, about 71 people in America were killed due to terrorism, and over 300,000 died from gun violence.

Considering the huge amount of gun violence and our need to stop the violence for the benefit of ourselves, our community, and our country, we must change our current laws to reflect our need to enjoy life, liberty, and prosperity.

People in fear of gun violence or have experienced an act of this violence upon themselves or another would, I believe, agree that the gun violence brings forth a terrifying amount of emotional violence–and places an individual in an unhealthy and stressful position.

The larger issue is to question what leads the individual to use a gun to cause death upon another person and what can we do to stop gun violence. I do not have a singular answer.

In America, there are four major political traditions that I present in my dissertation: Authoritarianism, Liberalism, Republicanism, and Biblical Thought. In this way, my answer for gun violence depends on the informal norms by which a person lives.

People who wake up and go to sleep under authoritarian norms have a leader with the ability to exhibit an overbearing power over the others in a group. Exclusive membership clubs, the worst case being a gang, are almost always a pure form of authoritarianism. Folks living in America who have guns to use guns at the request of an authoritarian leader should not be allowed to have guns.

If your goal is to work hard and enjoy “middle-class” living, with the option to vote in the election as your primary answer for politics; then you dig liberalism. You want to work for a public or private organization and you expect that everyone is given an opportunity to succeed, and you may sometimes feel that the business ladder to success needs to be rebuilt–by you. Anyone sane and old enough can buy a hunting rifle. Hand guns, given our violent reality, must have clear rules for additional safety measures. Semi-automatic weapons should be off the streets, and new philanthropy events must accompany acts of gun violence to shed light on the tragedies and to help stop the violence as data shows to be productive and helpful to people.

Americans who, as their primary political position, believe that America is the New Jerusalem, really don’t need a gun. God’s plan for us does not involve a gun, for example, our Lord isn’t returning from the heavens locked and loaded. Rifles are so much louder than a genuine bow and arrow, if hunting is to be the Way for a day, given you are a servant of the Lord.

A strong republican community would allow rifles and hand guns. Because republican politics relies on the direct political participation of the individuals, the community concerns are addressed and solved by the people. We would see various local and regional organizations rally around victims of gun violence. The emotional violence would be taken head on.

Bang. bang.

America is a complex political community. To help resolve gun violence in our country, we need to strengthen republican organizations so that the people suffering the emotional side of gun violence are not alone, to ask God to give people clear paths for their own humane growth, to not allow guns to be an open access market for profits or politics, and to be very mindful of authoritarian style groups.

Bang. bang.

An authoritarian response by the government would be to ban and collect all guns. And if gun violence continues in our beloved country, I’ll start counting the days I feel like being an authoritarian instead of an honest republican.

A liberal solution is to provide a tax rebate on handing in a gun to the local police department, and to increasingly tax a gun as it increases as a weapon rather than a tool for defense (tax brackets). Also, a progressive liberal would allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to the prevention of gun violence as program grants.

A republican solution would be for people in each community to form community block associations and to talk about the appropriate networks and responses to the issue. For instance, a community Facebook page is able to instantly connect everyone to news and events in real-time would help people to know if a gun attack is an imminent threat.

Bang. bang. He shot me down. I hit the ground.




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