Not Rigged–Made to WIN!

Nothing will be “rigged” in the 2016 presidential election. Well, without early voting, same day registration, short lines, and paper ballots; it will be a little off “normal.” But not rigged–as in “stolen.” Not at all.

We have, and should probably keep, the Electoral College for one huge reason: The Founders wanted to keep all the factions in America under one roof without self-ruin. Vast amounts of America at the time practiced republican, liberal, authoritarian, or Biblical political traditions from community to community and regionally.

We have tweaked The Electoral College for good reason. The Election of 1800 went some 36 rounds of voting until Jefferson was elected our 3rd President. Imagine the anxiety! The WAIT! The, “we don’t know yet!” The 12th Amendment!

Due to this indecision in 1800, the people’s representatives recreated our Electoral College for the 1804 presidential election. The purpose was to continue the political tradition–common language– of republicanism in that the power stemmed from the people at the local level.

Each state would be allotted their representative vote: the count of representatives, plus the two senators, with the president and vice-president being picked separately.

The Electoral College is expected to create a clear winner with a reliance on the popular vote as the collection and distribution of political power by the people, for the people, and of the people.

Could the Electoral College use another Amendment to make the electoral college provide the electoral votes in each state based on the popular vote, with the winner of the popular vote being awarded a 60 – 40 split of the votes? Maybe.

My 2016 presidential prediction after compiling a culture analysis regarding the numerous political factions and their “usual” vote, given the current Electoral College?

America is going to have her first female President–and she’ll win in a landslide.



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