Protect my Institutions

As a Realtor in Michigan, my association emailed me a list of candidates to strongly consider. My point is that our DEBATE of politics and for whom to give our vote is often complex and observable, if and when duly noted:

REALTORS® Endorse 24 Candidates for State Representative

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR), the largest local association of REALTORS® in the state, made recommendation to Michigan REALTORS® to endorse 24 candidates for State Representative. The recommendations were made based upon information gathered from a series of interviews GMAR conducted in May. GMAR and Michigan REALTORS® believe that the following candidates will best represent the REALTORS® position in protecting private property owners’ rights.

H 10, Leslie Love
H 16, Robert Kosowski
H 19, Laura Cox
H 20, Chris Roosen
H 21, Kristy Pagan
H 22, John Chirkun
H 24, Steven Marino
H 25, Henry Yanez
H 26, Jim Ellison
H 27, Robert Wittenberg
H 28, Patrick Green
H 30, Diana Farrington
H 31, Bill Sowerby
H 32, Michael Shmina
H 33, Mel Koch
H 35, Jeremy Moss
H 36, Peter Lucido
H 37, Christine Greig
H 38, Kathy Crawford
H 39, Klint Kesto
H 40, Michael McCready
H 41, Martin Howrylak
H 45, Michael Webber



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