The Madness of Southern Thought

  • Louis Hartz famously extorts that the strength of the American culture lies in liberalism. It’s a great progressive and conservative time lapse of ripe and rotten liberal outpourings.

In my 21st century approach to political science, I agree that the liberal element of the culture is strong. However, I also find the republican element to also be a forceful element which does affect the culture. THE NORTH spoke strong, and sometimes NEW, republicanism.

Also, Hartz claims there is “Madness of Southern Thought”, namely, a permeating authoritarianism. As a student of the American Culture, I have been unable to find new Southern Thought that is not “madness”.

As blak history month came in, I thought maybe MLK is the brrakthrough of Southern Thought. But now I do realize that MLK IS BIBLICAL THOUGHT.

Please, what is new Southern Thought that is not madness?

Or is a conservative really a Sourther whom still disdains the republican element?



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