VEGAS: A Hungry Jaguar Eats a Snowy Owl for Breakfast

Hi. I recently presented a paper at the AABSS Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last year, I was a little obsessed with the Snowy Owl. Now, a little to my chagrin, the snowy owl was eaten a, oh my, a very hungry Jaguar! Here is the basic outline:


In this paper, I update Tocqueville’s swath of mores (Picture 1.1) for a clear depiction of the American culture (KEY). The literature and my research (Table 1) suggests that each political language holds a special political power relationship between “the people’s relationship with the government” and “the government’s relationship with the people.” My contribution is to show that each element is independent and has been long defined as such, even though I am the first to reorganize the definitions of republicanism, authoritarianism, and liberalism for the purpose of creating political elements as independent variables. Each element has a multitude of signals that do not relate or mix with the other elements (Appendix A). Thus, I provide a “first step” in procuring an empirically based model to analyze America’s political culture.

Table of Contents
Abstract on page 2
1.1 Introduction on page 3
1.2 Tocqueville and Cultural Mores, 5
1.3 Background of Liberalism, 11
1.4 Background of Authoritarianism, 16
1.5 Background of Republicanism, 20
1.6 A Key for Three Elements of the American Political Culture, 25
1.7 Discussion, 27
1.8 Conclusion, 29
Bibliography, 31
Appendix A, 35
Signals of Authoritarianism, 35
Signals of Liberalism, 36
Signals of Republicanism, 37



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