Terrible Political Marketing for RINOs #rino

Wow. I just received this email from a high-ranking member of the Republican Party, and I think its pretty terrible. I admit that, as a student of political culture, I don’t research how Americans grasp “Party Identification.” This is because I observe that Americans share multiple core values, some of which are liberal, republican, and authoritarian as expressions of politics. Meaning, the Republican Party consists of many liberal, republican, and authoritarian expressions per topic or political question–and the Democratic Party often holds similar stances per political langauge. During the early 21st century, the Republican Party often expresses traditional liberal values as the core of the Party ID–much to my chagrin.

In this way, I would send this email back to the editor. It’s true that Michigan has moved forward under the pragmatic guidance of Governor Rick Snyder. Yet, it is also true that, in my educated opinion, President Obama exhibits exceptional “republican” (the political langauge) leadership. The Lost Decade happened in large part due to a failure of liberalism (progressive Gov. and neoliberal President Bush). President Obama and especially Snyder’s republican programs (such as economic gardening) have been helpful!

So, I get that this “culture” is complex and not “two parties”. Everyone must be evaluated independently. Like, Trump is an authoritarian with traditional liberal tendencies. This email beseeches authoritarianism with its paternalistic overtones and basically–keeps me determined to affiliate as an Independent.




Michigan has taken significant strides forward under Republican leadership. That progress stands in stark contrast to the stagnant economy created by the deep leadership void in the White House. From attempts to bypass Congress to implement his agenda to failed foreign policy in the Middle East, it’s clear President Obama and his Democratic cronies can’t lead our nation into the future.

That’s why I believe 2016 is a tremendous year for the Republican Party, both here in Michigan and across the country. With two important open Congressional seats and our 16 vital Electoral College votes up for grabs, Democrats are pulling out all the stops this year, looking to gain momentum for future statewide races, like the Governor’s race, in 2018.

Michigan Republicans have made a difference for our state and we need to keep this momentum going. With continued Republican leadership, we can avoid future catastrophes like another Lost Decade or the failures of President Obama’s administration. That’s why I am asking you to become a sustaining member today. Your Michigan Republican Party Membership will show your support for our election activities both in your community and throughout our state.

Help us mobilize our efforts for 2016 with your membership today!



Ronna Romney McDaniel
Chairman, Michigan Republican Party

 P.S. 2015 Memberships are about to expire! Donate 25, 50 or even 100 today for your 2016 Membership.


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