The Resonation of Donald Trump


Surprisingly, this lack of voter knowledge is okay in a liberal democracy because the POLITICAL PARTIES will gather the “gut” of the voters and craft a political platform to capture a large cross section of the voting population in order to WIN the election. Essentially, both parties will become moderate well-wishers at election time and the voters gut will determine which way politicians should shift on the liberal spectrum.

Now, my research breaks new ground because I STOP looking at American politics through the lens of the Liberal Spectrum ONLY and I also observe whether or not Americans are speaking from the republican, authoritarian, and Biblical spectrums (4 spectrums). Trust me, this is what Tocqueville observed in America about the time of Jackson’s Presidency–and these multiple spectrums are still prevalent and pervasive.

Pundits argue from the Left and Right of the Liberal Spectrum. They don’t know about the republican spectrum–nor do political scientists! Trump plays the Right but would likely be an “authoritarian” President, since so much of his vapid rhetoric is demagoguery. That’s why trump is an outsider TO THE LIBERAL SPECTRUM.

Could someone be worse for America than Trump as President? Sure, Rick Perry would double down on W. Bush “classic liberalism” (right side of liberal spectrum) AND we would be barraged with his specious “Dogma” from the Biblical Spectrum, which is usually akin to blasphemy from the “Kingdom” side of the Biblical Spectrum. ps, I don’t have “indicators” about the Biblical Spectrum yet–just my gut feeling about it.

Of particular salience, the American Founders knew the Biblical Spectrum was too hot to handle and many simple claimed to be Deists–on purpose.

To be sure, they all called the REPUBLICAN SPECTRUM our political HOME, and future. Didn’t you know, James Madison feared and loathed the liberal spectrum. I agree with James Madison.

The Republican Millennial

In this short post, I enlist the adapted definition of resonation, which is to evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief. At this moment, Donald Trump is surging in the polls. His out-spoken style and disregard for political correctness has resonated with many in the Republican Party. But, why?

The Presidential Office is all too often frequented by lawyers and career politicians. Is this brash businessman connecting with the American public with a fresh perspective? Is Donald Trump’s hard stance on immigration and government expansion what sets him apart? Maybe.

What I do know is that we Americans enjoy a good affront to any establishment, especially that of the political kind. There is a deeply rooted national logic to it, thanks to the way our Founding Fathers behaved. The resonation of Donald Trump in contemporary American politics may just be our national need to engage in affronting the establishment…

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