“I am your Darwinian mistake!”

I am your Darwinian mistake.”

Awesome piece, here.

Americans widely share the idea that they live in a Republic, which relies on transparency and info distribution mechanisms to ensure the federal government remain flexible and amenable to our social, economic, and political reality (all the way in a “true” one).

The GAO is an excellent example! They evaluate public policy in a systematic and professional manner for the public record. Of particular salience, I think the 21st century is gearing up towards data analytics; hence, the GAO might offer “online internships” to college kids taking statistics for political science (win-win)!

Of grave concern, until we are crystal clear why Edward Snowden is not only a patriot; indubitably, why he is today’s proverbial “savior” of our Republic, then politics will remain ruthless, partially corrupt and quite inefficient… from a “republican perspective,” you see!





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