Dear Gov. Walker, I Would Respectfully Decline

I would like to thank Gov. Scott Walker for emailing me the following message. I added the NUMBERS to the message for my reply:


Let’s get right to the point …

1)   I am nearing a decision on whether to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States and the strong support I receive in the coming days will help me decide.

2)   That is why I am reaching out to key conservatives like you, John. Please let me know you support a run with a contribution of $10, $35, $50, $100, $250, or even $500 right now.

3) We will need the strong support of like-minded conservatives from all across the country if we decide to run. If you think I should run — and will support a run — please let me know right now with a generous contribution today.

4) Some early supporters have asked what the maximum contribution is and the answer is $2,700. If you can afford to give that much and believe strongly in our conservative vision, please visit here to solidify your status as one of my top supporters.

5) No matter what amount you can spare, know I will be grateful for your support, as I will need all the help I can get as we face attack after attack from everyone from President Obama to the Big Government Labor Bosses who still wish to get revenge after we defeated them three times in four years.

6) They will stop at nothing to silence my conservative voice and stop our conservative campaign before it even starts. Support me with a contribution of $10 or $100 or $1,000 or whatever amount is right for you today.

7) It took guts to take on the Big Government Labor Bosses who were used to running the show in Wisconsin — at the expense of our state’s workers. Our historic collective bargaining and Freedom to Work reforms took power from the unions and put it back where it belonged: in the hands of hard-working taxpayers.

8) What prompted us to take such big, bold action? Simply put, there was too much at stake for us not to take swift, decisive, game-changing action. It was time.

9) Now it’s time to see if our conservative vision should be taken beyond Wisconsin’s borders, but I can’t make that important decision without you by my side.

1)  I would not recommend that you run for President because you’re supporting an important American faction that is roughly 17 percent of the American population and these Americans are starting to respond to “republicanism“.

2) I am conservative in the “republican” sense of the term, like in a similar manner that our “founders” struggled–that constant effort to live with and help guide multiple opposing factions. I have been unemployed for about 3 years so I have no money to contribute to any campaigns.

3) We, unfortunately, are not like-minded conservatives. In fact, conservatives in general are not like-minded, from Buckley to Kirk–and don’t get me started on the delightful Louis Hartz! I should note that I am not conservative as a “classic liberal”, which, indubitably, is your main focus, since, again, you are asking me for money instead of “worthwhile activity that would produce efficacy in my community.” The latter would be a “republican” sentiment, which millennials seem to grasp really well. The former is a call to solely support a pure form of capitalism, which is nice.

4) Right. I’m unemployed. Anything else? Is this what you expect from me as a voter? My money? Really!?

5.) You sound like a Party Boss, if you read carefully. Only they gave money for votes instead of taking money for it!

6) Your conservative voice, in my humble opinion, is of classic liberalism; which, again in my humble opinion, is like a “sun setting” for a rising movement of American republicanism–which has been a really, really long time coming! So, your attempt to hold your ground as a classic liberal is, well, unelectable–untenable. If you embraced republican economies of scale, then, I could support you online and with friends, etc.

7)  Without labor clout, you will allow capitalism to morph into a form of authoritarianism for your constituents. Again, classic liberalism is going to give way to republican economies during the 21st century. Let’s be glad and give thanks for it! Also, I could explain that this seventh paragraph is inaccurate, misleading, and is probably “disinformation”; so let’s not.

8) I agree.

9) May God bless you and your family! I’ll keep watching the growth of republicanism in America.



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