Who is a “republican Republican”?

Hi, much progress has been made on my dissertation. Here is an idea that didn’t make the grade:

As an analogy, my neighbor Joe Gratis might have rallied our community to help pass a resolution of instruction as an expression of opposition to the Patriot Act. In this way, Joe gathered many people to activate the republican spectrum and they prolly felt really good about participating in American politics for the weekend.

On the other hand, most of Joe’s neighbors will vote in the 2016 presidential election on liberal grounds, the field generally predicts, because both political parties promote a variation of liberalism as public policy. Conservatives are going to talk about the economy as free market capitalism and progressives are going to, maybe, begin to explain the deep inequalities which could be greatly reduced under “fair” capitalism. How republicanism does it is still a secret.

In this way, multiple traditions probably should not been seen as a competition of power and agency between political spectrums; rather, a specific case study provides an opportunity to attempt to capture a sample for how each political spectrum positively contributes to American political discourse. Just an observation.

Does it matter that I’m a “republican Republican” and not a “traditional liberal Republican” when I go vote in 2016?

I N D U B I T A B L  Y   !!!

Is there reason to compare Joe’s act of developing res publica in collaboration with his neighbors—and  their vote decisions in 2016?


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