There are FOUR Political Traditions in America

An infamous Frenchman named Tocqueville toured America nearly 200 years ago. He wrote about the American political culture in great detail.

He expounds four major political traditions that Americans all subscribe to on some level. On the one hand, some geographical regions are dominant in either liberalism, republicanism, authoritarianism, or Biblical Thought. On the other hand, Americans are well versed through the news, travelling, and political developments with “all” the former political languages (authoritarianism, looking backward, encompasses slavery, segregation…).

As Americans utilize these discourses, there is a “dialogue of political reality” that, per issue, is an engineering of political language structures. Our use of the languages results in a structuring political reality. Thus, with Tocqueville’s reflection on America hundreds of years ago, my scientific inquiry of multiple core values is cutting edge (Picture 3.1).

The basic idea is that the box of “Empirical Political Discourse” can be opened and we may observe and detail how each political language “is structuring” American political discourse.

My point is that we may be thoughtful about “what we participate in.” Good luck. Best,





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