Psi: The People Breathe Cultural Expressions

Whereas a behavioralist might locate issue divides in regards to the Patriot Act, my theory is that Americans share multiple core values, continuously, by which individuals accept or reject public policy along multiple value systems—even if unaware of these complex decisions.

The results of my culture inquiry, for instance, might demonstrate that Americans support the Patriot Act as “liberal” legislation and that, when given the opportunity, the same Americans oppose the Patriot Act on republican grounds and wait to see what action is taken by their representatives in government before the upcoming election.

If true, and it is true, would the Supreme Court decide on “republican” or “liberal” grounds? Said plainly, would SCOTUS rule in favor of local and state “resolutions of instruction” to oppose the Patriot Act and protect James Madison; or, would SCOTUS rely on liberalism and reduce the people’s republican effort to null? Is this a fair question?!

My Research concludes:



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