“Right to Instruct is COMMON American Experience” #mpsanet

Last year, I presented a paper at the Midwest Political Science Association regarding the “Right to Instruct” as an informal and formal American institution during the antebellum era. Informally, republican core values governed the hearts of the salient Founders. Formally, we witness “how” the Founders formally institutionalized republicanism during the antebellum era (paper here).

There are over 2,000 resolutions of instruction (formal republicanism) in the Senate alone. I contend that republicanism remains an important element of the American culture in the early 21st century. My paper for MPSA 2015 demonstrates that Americans express opposition to the Patriot Act through the “Right to Instruct.”

Below, the table observes how many resolutions are transferred from the state legislatures, or citizens through the legislature, to the Senate (and recorded). The data will be available after publication (fingers crossed). Looking forward to MPSA!


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