Book Review: R High Performance Programming

R Statistics and Programming

A book review by Douglas M. Wiig

Aloysius Lim and William Tjhi. R High Performance Programming. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing Ltd., 2015.

R High Performance Programming is a well written, informative book most suited for the experienced R programmer. This book offers a handy guide for R users who need speed and efficiency for the tasks that they perform.

The authors begin with an informative chapter discussing some of the inherent constraints on R’s computing performance such as CPU and RAM usage, and how R code is interpreted on the fly rather than compiled. A guide to several methods of profiling R’s code execution time, memory allocation and CPU usage is discussed in the next chapter. Sample code included in the chapter allows the reader to experiment with various benchmarking techniques to measure processing time and memory usage. This chapter provides the reader with some good tools for…

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