R Tutorial: A Simple Script to Create and Analyze a Data File, Part Two

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R Statistics and Programming

A simple R script to create and analyze a data file:part two:    A tutorial by D.M. Wiig

In part one I discussed creating a simple data file containing the height and weight of 10 subjects.  In part two I will discuss the script needed to create a simple scatter diagram of the data and perform a basic Pearson correlation.  Before attempting to continue the script in this tutorial make sure that you have created and save the data file as discussed in part one.

To conduct a correlation/regression analysis of the data we want to first view a simple scatter plot. Load a library named ‘car’ into R memory. Use the command:

> library(car)

Then issue the following command to plot the graph:

> plot(Height~Weight, log=”xy”, data=Sampledatafile)

The output is seen below:


We can calculate a Pearson’s Product Moment correlation coefficient by using the command:

> # Pearson rank-order…

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