A Snowy Owl Meets a Flamingo @ AABSS Conference, LAS VEGAS

Hi all, I’m coming down the home stretch of my dissertation. I recently returned from the AABSS Conference in Vegas. Great location at the Flamingo. The Keynote from Kim Nehls connected university trends to academic expectations. Thoughtful, witty, encouraging. The trends described are: 1. publication expectations (peer-reviewed), 2. Faculty grant funding and philanthropy (give a lot, hope for a little return), 3. changing roles of journals (pay-go?), 4. Graduate and undergraduate student scholarship (act like you have a PhD already), 5. Alternative dissertation formats (i.e., 3 publishable papers with intro and conclusion); 6. Faculty recruitment outlook (kind of bleak), 7. Collaboration and interdisciplinary work (why we are here?)!

Other presentations that really caught my interest were Rob Tolley’s “active demonstrations for teaching and learning” (see here) because he brought the world to your laptop… also enjoyed Kyla Stepp’s “Modern-Day Judicial ‘Politics'” which sees if lower federal courts are more increasingly a policy-maker in our political system.

As an introduction to my dissertation, here is a look at the poster I presented.

AABSS poster

AABSS poster



Hotel Flamingo top-shelf

here’s my snowy owl view: “Man Changes Sign”

vegas, ceasars

“Man Changes Sign”


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