Smoke Free I Not Agree. Need an Area!

REBLOG: Email I just got. To the gentleman always smoking the long pipe outside faculty building, by where the old President used to park… guess you are not a fan of this new policy. Me too. Got to have some designated areas! And what about Native American smoke sessions?

Next time I’m on campus, and every time, I’ll be smoking my pipe.

Now I must graduate this year!!!


Wayne State University

Dear members of the campus community,

Earlier this spring, the President’s Task Force on a Smoke-Free Campus conducted a survey to help us understand your views about Wayne State University becoming a smoke- and tobacco-free institution.

Based on survey results and recommendations from the task force, the University is revising and expanding its non-smoking policy.

Effective August 2015, Wayne State will join hundreds of colleges and universities across the country that already have adopted smoke- and tobacco-free policies for indoor and outdoor spaces.

An implementation committee has been formed and is developing a rollout plan in preparation for next year.

You will receive communication in the coming months about the revised policy as well as tips and tools for helping us make this change at the University a positive one.

Thank you in advance for committing to keep our campus healthy, clean, and welcoming.


M. Roy Wilson


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