Chicago 2015: “republicanism!”

FROM the Midwest Political Science Association:

“The 2015 Program Committee has accepted your offer to participate in the 73rd Annual MPSA Conference at Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL (USA), April 16-19, 2015. Please take a moment to confirm or decline your participation in the following role by logging in to the MPSA website:

Section:  35 – Liberalism and Democratic Theory
Session:  Junior Scholar Symposium – American Political Thought: Junior Scholar Symposium
Proposal ID:  143392
Your Role on the Session:  Paper – U.S. Democratic Theory Integrates Republicanism via Multiple Core Values – John Girdwood”

For my 2014 paper on American Federalism and the US Senate Revisited–for republicanism; see here.

For a look at Political Languages, see here.


One thought on “Chicago 2015: “republicanism!”

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