What are Ed Snowden’s Values?

My dissertation looks at the Patriot Act through authoritarianism, liberalism, and republicanism. These political languages create different “values” for citizens to choose between.

Do you think society should institutionalize suicidal people? That is an authoritarian choice.

Do you favor a representative government which fortifies individualism whereby you work hard and join the middle class (Alger Myth), preferring capitalism and representative democracy without redistribution–just hard work amidst an “equal opportunity?” That is a traditional liberal choice (i.e. Conservative).

Do you prefer a representative government which fortifies capitalism, but think the General Government should tax corporations or the wealthy a little more to, say, help alleviate poverty? That is a progressive liberal choice (i.e., Liberal).

Do you favor non-profits and fair trade, and truly believe the General Government should be “fully transparent and accountable” to the people, because the people may alter or abolish public policy via ballot initiative, referendum, by passing resolutions at the local / state level for the General Government? That is a republican choice.

My point: The values you subscribe to, my reader, may dictate how you view issues in politics, and certainly your vote choice. Like, I expect 100% of people who associate as “republicans” to see Ed Snowden as a “Patriot.” I expect liberals to be split, because the representatives–not really the people–have power via liberalism. I expect more than 80 percent of people who prefer authoritarianism ( #snowden must “obey laws” regardless) to think he is a “Traitor.”

My Tweet during last night’s NBC interview with Snowden: If you believe your government must be transparent & accountable, and you show corruption through civil disobedience–that’s called .

It was curious that many #patriot tweets, in favor of Snowden’s narrative, also put #traitor. This may well be an ecological fallacy, but it would appear to me that the #patriot sentiment is actually underestimated by the graph showing the output.

So, where do your values “take a stand?” Regarding the interview, it appears that there may be a lot of “republicans” in the American society, and worldwide. This excerpt is from Edward Snowden Is a #Patriot, Twitter Users Say:

Civically minded participants? Or interested in the Snowden saga?

Civically minded participants? Or interested in the Snowden saga?

To Conclude: Ed Snowden will be a very important story because it should really “bring out” the republican values we all probably hold as citizens. Liberals may be surprised. What was dormant should be rising fast.

Understanding that the elected officials should be focused on the people (looking for “republican” answers) is an important step in successfully resolving this conflict. Isn’t that pretty much what James Madison did… turned to republicanism and tried to improve the new government?


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