State Politics and Policy Newsletter, Spring 2014

From Spring 2014 Newsletter: State Politics and Policy

Call for Articles: SPPQ Special Issue on Policy Diffusion. SPPQ seeks submissions for a special issue devoted to the study of policy diffusion in the American states.

Guest editors: Frederick J. Boehmke and Julianna Pacheco, University of Iowa

The study of policy diffusion considers the different ways in which policies spread across the American states, with particular attention to the interdependence in policy decisions. We invite contributions for a special issue of SPPQ devoted to cutting edge research on this topic. In particular, we seek papers at the theoretical and methodological frontiers that make novel contributions and that reflect the growing sophistication of work in this area. Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Theoretical discussion of the primary mechanisms behind diffusion (i.e., competition, learning, emulation, and coercion);

2. Measures of diffusion or policy activity beyond dichotomous adoption

3. Micro level research on the mechanisms of diffusion within the legislature or other policymaking venues;

4. Macro level research that evaluates broad patterns of diffusion;

5. Vertical diffusion between state governments and the Federal or local governments.

6. Methodological approaches for dealing with nondichotomous adoption outcomes;

7. Methodological approaches that better capture theoretically implied diffusion mechanisms.

The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2014. Please prepare manuscripts following the usual process described at the journal’s website,

Submissions should be made online at Please clearly indicate in the cover letter that the manuscript is intended for the special issue on policy diffusion.

Submissions will be peer reviewed in accord with normal journal practice. Direct questions to

*************************************************Reminders and Important Dates
May 15‐17, 2014 2014 SPP Conference at Indiana University
August 1, 2014 Deadline for Southern Political Science Association 2015 Conference Proposals
August 1, 2014 Deadline for submissions for SPPQ Special Issue on Policy Diffusion
August 28‐31, 2014 2014 American Political Science Association Conference in Washington, DC


4 thoughts on “State Politics and Policy Newsletter, Spring 2014

    • I’m focusing on finishing the dissertation this summer and on the side I’ve got a few publishing paper projects to complete by July. Time to publish some of what I’ve got. How about you? What’s your specialty anyway? The Supreme Court?

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