A Response to NRSC (Republicans) Contribution Request

As you know, if I had to run for office, I would run as a Republican. This is because I affiliate with the general structure that comes with the “compassionate conservative” connotations, over other ideologies (I.e., progressive, libertarian, neo-liberal).  As I am becoming a PhD in American Politics, however, I constantly see conundrums between me as a Republican Candidate and the current Republican Party.

I just got an email  from Senator John Cornyn at The National Republican Senatorial Committee that speaks to this conundrum. I know that I’m a Republican if I ran for office, but my public policy recommendations for how I should be represented differs widely from his public policy and how I am represented today. I clearly can’t contribute money to a public policy cause I fundamentally disagree with, because I don’t spit in Thoreau’s face. But I do want people to contribute to the Republican Party… For example, here’s the email I just got:


I love my country.  And I can’t stand what the Democrats are doing to it.

For the past six years, Senate Democrats have been rubber-stamps for President Obama’s failed policies. Every promise they’ve made has been broken: healthcare, national security, job creation – theirs is a record of incompetence, dishonesty and dysfunction.  Yet, now they plead with the American people, “please trust us – just this one more time.”

There are two sides to a deal. Democrats gave their word; America gave them the government.  Senate Democrats broke their word – they don’t deserve to lead our country ever again.

All we’re offering is the truth. Our country is facing major challenges and it’s time for serious leaders to take over; leaders who will return to the time-tested conservative principles that made America great. Senate Democrats had their chance. They had their moment. They failed.

It’s time for them to go.

This is so important that I will triple-match every online donation made for the next five days to help us hit our monthly goals. Every dollar you give will carry the impact of $4 – a powerful multiplier.

Contribute $100, $50, or $25 today. Multiply your donation and help us take the Senate.

Let’s Get It Done,

Senator John Cornyn
Republican Whip

Below is how I responded to our esteemed Senator from Texas.

Senator John Cornyn, you emailed me through NRSC, and I do not understand your contribution request based on your strange view of Obamacare. As a Republican, and a PhD Candidate in political science, you lost me. Obamacare facilitates a legitimate marketplace for the healthcare industry to offer healthcare insurance to the American people (i.e., voters like me). What’s more republican than that?! And ideologically, it is a “compassionate conservative” response to the some 40 millions of Americans who were not covered and jacking up my premiums because the hospital never got paid by that significant portion of the American population. You should be saying, “We won.” But you say, “We lost.” I cannot vote for someone chanting for less people to be insured or insured through fraud, which repealing Obamacare would promote. Sir, I am writing because I cannot see how “compassionate conservatives” who approve of Gay Marriage, contraception, abortions, and other social issues promoting freedom will ever support you. To me, you are ruining our party name. I hope to contribute in the future, then.

Thus, I think by blogging I solved my conundrum. I can keep all the links necessary to let my fellow Americans weigh in on the issue. This is me participating in American politics as a republican.




One thought on “A Response to NRSC (Republicans) Contribution Request

  1. To clarify my “compassionate conservative” position, the welfare state has helped poor people survive, but it hasn’t helped eradicate inequality (Przeworski). The progressives would increase the welfare state by dramatically redistributing many new tax dollars (Reich). I’m against this because it creates a moral hazard for all working Americans, though at some point soon the reality may require it. The recent Republican Party (W. Bush) took extra tax dollars and gave all Americans some $300, and in the 2008 election sought to tax Americans in poverty more. I’m against that because it’s inefficient and creates an ethical hazard. As a “compassionate conservative,” I would set a new minimum tax on corporate profits over $10M at 30%, and I would use those specific new tax dollars to fund “Associate Degree” programs for adults (high school graduates). The people would be (1) paid to go to school, and (2) connected to participating industries in need of labor through the community colleges. When capitalism grows a lot, then the government may sell off shares to a non-profit already in collaboration with foundations and use the “old corporate money” to fix the bridges, clean the rivers, and protect our property–through another community college / adult education program. We do need to solve our collective action problems. And our strength today rests with capitalism.

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