Review for American Politics Comp. Exams

  AMERICAN POLITICS comp exam prep. time…

Interest Groups:

Pipes and Flutes for Interest Groups

Interest Groups Maim the Median Voter

An Interest Group Walks into a Comp. Exam


Democracy Doubts Citizens, But Then Lets Go.

Democracy: By Huh? and Duh?

Why Americans Don’t Vote

Beyond Socioeconomic Status (SES)

The American Voter, then.

Divided Government Means Lower Voter Turnout


Block-Republicans, Categorical-Democrats?

E.E. Schattschneider’s “scope of conflict”

What is Federalism?


Are Democrats and Republicans “two boxers, swinging wildly”?

America’s Liberal Tradition: Hartz and Tocqueville

Tocqueville and a Spoonful of Wasabi

The Machiavellian Hypothesis: The Fox, Lion, Archer, Mask and Fortuna

American Exceptionalism as a Guide


Polk Spreads Itch for War to Future Presidents

Tulis and the Rhetorical Presidency

Ranking Presidents: Success and Failure

2012 Unitary Executive: Presidential Power and Agency

The Imperial Presidency

Hamilton’s “Dissimilitude” was Shot by the President of the United States


Party Extremists are more likely to Lose an Election

Researching Political Campaigns


Californian Votes Have More Power Than Most (better get alternative explanations!)

Article Review: The Two Faces of Issue Voting

The Rhythm and Lore of Electoral Behavior

BREAK: Poetry: American Politics

Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court in the Tripartite

Marshall’s 4th Model of Supreme Court Decision Making





Webs called Culture

Corruption: A Definition


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