“Guardians of res publica Annual Prize”–2013

We should expect Whistleblowers to be “republicans.” This is because people acting under the ideology of republicanism (i.e., this was the dominant political language at the American founding), in fact operate towards “total transparency.” This is because republicanism is structured on “non-domination” (see Pettit). I do not expect liberals (i.e., equal opportunity in capitalism and representative democracy–see the political science definition), to be vehement Whistleblowers. Attitudes matter. No one should expect authoritarians to be good Whistleblowers.

Now, most political scientists say America is a “liberal society.” So republicans are not living in a republican society. And I confirm all this in my dissertation (i.e., multiple traditions on Patriot Act). Since the American government is not, on the whole, designed to better the republican voters’ res publica (the republican society in practice socially, economically, politically, etc.); rather, liberalism’s market–we should expect it to be very difficult for a liberal government to create efficient and effective mechanisms to protect and encourage Whistleblowers.

For example, in the post “Military Whistleblower Reform Long Overdue,” Matthew Luongo (11/1/ 2013) (i.e., The Whistleblogger)) finds five things desperately in need of attention with a new mechanism to enable the preferred outcome–real Whistleblower reform. They are:

1. The lack of timely results: While the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Inspector General (OIG) must lawfully complete investigations within 180 days, the average time is instead 451 days – with some cases languishing for up to five or six years.

2. The poor quality of investigations: The DOD OIG currently only investigates 29% of complaints, and legally sufficient supporting evidence has only been found in 5% of cases; furthermore, less than half of the cases follow proper procedural protocol, which itself has not been updated since 1996.

3. Poor prospects for relief: More than a 50% decline in OIG backing of reprisal claims from 2006 to 2011, with less than 1% of supported complainants actually obtaining relief.

4. Poor burdens of proof: 65% of complainant losses are based on adverse personal data that becomes uncovered during the OIG investigatory process.

5. Lack of due process: since 1988, not one Board of Correction of Military Records (BCMR) has granted a request for a due process hearing.

In the meantime, shouldn’t “republicans” show us a “Guardians of res publica Annual Prize”?

Since I’m a “republican” (i.e., in America, I label myself as an “Independent” voter because I am really independent of the two liberal parties; I do not wish to affiliate with Republicans or Democrats), couldn’t I just create a fictitious one for fun? Why not? Here goes…

Good Afternoon, everyone. As you know, October 18 is dedicated to the “Guardians of res publica.”  The Annual Prize of $1 Million is awarded to candidates who are increasing transparency in line with our values–you’re our Whistleblowers.

We applaud your brave and courageous action, because government is based on the people’s terms–and you showed us organizations (sic government) violating the people’s terms. Without you, we could only be a weak and feeble republic. The importance of your contribution is priceless. But we do like winners, so we gave the winner of this years contest a few extra dollars.

He who has the most money–ah, to poke a little fun at capitalism here–wins!

Thomas Drake:     Award, $1,000,000
Stephen Jin-Woo Kim:      Award, $1,000,001
James Hitselberger:      Award, $1,000,002
Shami K. Leibowitz:      Award, $1,000,003
John Kiriakou:      Award, $1,000,004
Jeffrey Sterling:      Award, $1,000,005
Bradley Manning:      Award, $1,000,006
Edward Snowden:      Award, $1,000,007

Grand Prize: Julian Assange:    Award, $1,000,008.

Let’s give the winners a round of applause (wild applause–going on longer than at the State of the Union…).

Now, this is the time to hear from our “Guardians of res publica“! Please come up and accept this check–and say a few words!

Cheers to the winners! And we all know why Assange won–because he created just one  mechanism to enable Whistleblowers–like Bradley Manning.

Who will win the “Guardians of res publica Annual Prize” next year!? After all, the train of development is moving forward–who will the “republican” passengers celebrate and reward along the way?

And let’s not only celebrate the Guardians…. how about some workers? some inventors? entrepreneurs? students?  Because if you can figure out how republicans reward the best in categories, then you should be able to see how res publica actually works.

And it’s a lot different from liberalism!


 open resource, see: http://www.policymic.com/articles/50459/8-whistleblowers-charged-with-violating-the-espionage-act-under-obama


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