Can I do my job better, please!

I plan to become a political scientist, officially, in May 2014. As a researcher of American politics, voting is very important to me. As I specialize in republicanism, I see great inefficiency in the American voting system.

First, both political parties (Democratic and Republican) are liberal parties: they both promote variations of capitalism. Republicans (small r, different political language) prefer to purchase fair trade (not free trade), to stop harming the environment (not limited governmental regulation), to reduce massive inequality (increase profit sharing with employees)… for starters.

Now, Gawker published a video titled: Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night (see here). But he doesn’t vote, which doesn’t help me. There is an alternative.

Russell Brand could vote against the political parties representing the political system. He could vote for “Joe Gratis” which is short for “the average wo/man’s freedom.”

Really, “republicans” would vigorously advocate non-profit organizations to assist the impoverished by providing healthcare, education, food–all the people start life with the minimum resources necessary for individual growth and development in an equitable manner with all others. Voting for “Joe Gratis” let’s me record this vote.

On the one hand, Russell Brand is consumed in the liberal paradigm. Taxing corporations for massive redistribution is a very progressive and liberal political position. On the other hand, he admits in the opening that he doesn’t know much about politics–so getting a basic idea that republicans actually do advance his agenda could be the “shortcut” Russell Brand needs to know in the voting booth.

So, Russell Brand, please go vote for “Joe Gratis.”

Start giving me data that reaffirms that you, and others, admonish the parties in government! Otherwise, if you keep staying home, I’ll have a much harder time arguing that there is a revolution in society calling for change!

Think about it… what if an election result came back with 10 percent of the population voted against the parties on the ticket, and voted for their freedom! Please, help me do my job better.


One thought on “Can I do my job better, please!

  1. In Belgium voting isn’t a choice, it’s a duty. If none of the parties are interesting, you can always vote “none of the above”. But you have to go down there. It doesn’t really solve a political problem, but in this way you’re kinda forced to follow what’s going on in politics a bit.

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