Candide’s Garden. Voltaire’s Noise.

How do people live? What is life like for an individual to live in an authoritarian society, liberal society, or republican society?

The Interlude: You either live in a wild garden without any input, pay someone to care for your yard, or you manage the soil, roots, water flow, pesticides, growth, and sustainability by your Self.

In an authoritarian society, the people have no impact on social or political developments, because elites are in charge of all development. The average Joe, or median (would if I could) voter, has no chance to change the system for his or her betterment. Any given individual survives as part of the authoritarian government (i.e., singular leadership roles / agency / power structures) (e.g., monarchy, caliphate, dictatorship–see Huntington). As an individual in an authoritarian society, it’s one weed collaborating with every other weed. You live with a lot of bugs.

In a liberal society, the people work under capitalism, and freedom through entrepreneurial opportunity via liberal neutrality enables the people to be free from government (procedural democracy)–even free to not vote. Liberals don’t tend to their garden; indubitably, liberals pay people to “tend to my garden.” And the gardener is just as liberal as the “home owner.” For when the gardener goes home, s/he picks up dinner at a drive-through, the newest “pet rock” at the party store, the clean shirts from the laundry, fills the gas tank–and writes a check for the mortgage. If gas is too high or there is a shark attack, s/he will “go vote” against the incumbents–all of ’em.

In a republican society, the people wake-up and begin the accomplish a list of efficacious and worthwhile tasks. Money isn’t a concern, since business owners choose to keep inequality at low-levels through profit-sharing mechanisms. The people don’t even clock more than 36 hours a week, so they mostly need to use the time on their hands. In a republican neighborhood, each homeowner spends about 8 hours a week tending to their gardens, I think. They borrow tools from each other sometimes, or even take a break to listen to the kids playing on the sidewalk. Since the republican is always working “on the job” to increase efficacy and worthwhile activity, there is no need for an authoritarian or liberal government–or to think about them. They would be weeds in a republican’s garden.

If I could take a survey of which garden Americans and Belgium people believe s/he lives in; then that could help show how multiple traditions advance political development.

So what about you? What society do you believe that you live in? Or, perhaps, it is more complicated than that?!

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