Midwest Conference Call Ends Today: I tried and…

Hi, I’ve been to the Midwest Political Science Conference twice now, and I’m applying again for 2014. Here is the abstract I plan to submit in a few hours. I welcome your comments / suggestions. This paper is basically the main  evidence chapter from my dissertation.

I find evidence of republicanism in America as a competing ideology with liberalism as a response to 9/11 (i.e., multiple traditions). Based on my dissertation, I created indicators for authoritarianism, liberalism, and republicanism. I created a database of articles on the “Patriot Act” (systematic sample) from 2001 to 2013 (Lexus Nexus search). I coded all sentences for the political language indicators or null (variable 1). I also coded sentences seeking repeal, the keeping of, or the expanding of the Patriot Act (variable 2). I find that republicanism is of some salience to American political development, and should therefore be considered as an alternative explanation in APD research when only a liberal perspective is given. There is evidence that some early 21st century Americans promote republicanism over liberalism and authoritarianism.


7 thoughts on “Midwest Conference Call Ends Today: I tried and…

  1. My Chair, Philip Abbott.
    It’s certainly a form of “closure” for the field (Bourdieu 2004), because if the advisor thinks the research isn’t ready or all that good, then they can say “deny” and the scholar is denied.

    On the other hand, the scholar is a grad. student and may not understand the complexity of the field, and the advisor doesn’t want the scholar to embarrass him or herself, or the University–since conference presentations do reflect on Universities…. unlike blogs (if we are playing chess, then you’re in check).

  2. But no graduate student is going to select an adviser that will reject their work. So it amounts to nothing. All graduate students will be able to find someone to sign on to their work.

    If you do not think your blog influences reader’s perceptions of Wayne State University I would say that you are mistake. I know it influences mine. Pretty much anything graduate students do in pubic and is related to scholarship (hell, not even related to scholarship in many cases) probably influences perceptions of their institution.

    So whats the deal, did you make the cut? Are you presenting at #MPSA2014?

  3. No word on my solo paper, “Republicanism is a Competing Ideology with Liberalism as a Response to 9/11.” But my paper with Jeff Grynaviski is on! (and you know I’m not going to talk about it until the actual presentation).

    My work is on political languages, with hopes of creating new lines of research for political scientists. And I have one distinguished professor at Wayne (one of the best in the country) to help me move forward with this research about republicanism–I can’t go to anyone. I am fortunate that Prof. Abbott is beloved by students for his acumen, empathy, tolerance, humility, patience, humor, and sincerity. I can’t take my research to anyone else without loosing enormous depth and clarity in my dissertation.

    I so fundamentally disagree with you on this “perception” of me as a reflection of Wayne State issue that I cannot fathom where you are coming from. First, blogs like mine are meant to capture excess creativity for the world audience, and if this person is associated with a University, then the “work” that actually constitutes their reputation is made up of “publications and their commitment to the field” which hardly lets an excellent blog matter very much. Like, my blog (unless I reach like a 10,000 people a day–and I usually have less than 100 a day from all over the world) will never be ranked higher than a “book review” I complete for a professional press on my CV. The salience you seem to attach to blogging is almost embarrassingly excessive.

    As for my chess move on this, I always thought the saying “perception is reality” from the 1990s was organized by authoritarians….

    Further, I am just a very small part of Wayne’s program–a student at that!!! If you see Wayne’s department through me, I’m sorry to say that that is not a sufficient condition to evaluate Wayne’s program. Really, start with the faculty tab–Start with Prof. Abbott.

    Did you make MPSA?

  4. Perception is reality. Read some psychology!

    I do not mean to overstate the importance of blogging. It is not that important. I just understand that people will 1) Judge you based on the fact that you are from WSU political science. 2) People will judge WSU political science based on what you write here. 3) Potential employers will definitely judge you on what you write here.

    Of course publications will come first but if you are lacking on those this blog becomes much more salient.

    Odd that you have not heard back yet. I had thought most notices were send out. Hopefully you got it. It would be sad if your dissertation research got rejected at a regional conference with near unanimous acceptance rates.

    I made the cut. #alwaysdo

  5. 3 things. still no word from MPSA. second, in reality, people–including political scientists–are only partially plugged into society. Social scientists try to measure the parts the people play according to social / political / economic etc. iterations (patterns of empirical evidence). However, when we read Przeworski’s new book, “Democracy and the Limits of Self-Government,” we understand that liberalism might not be able to solve inequality, or (implied) countless other disparities within and between liberal societies.

    My point is that liberalism itself is far from efficient and effective, even if much stronger decade by decade. The reality is that political scientists are biased towards measuring the present. If you really want to figure out reality (which certainly is not any given individual’s perception), you must scientifically construct normative liberalism and then compare it to the present. This will enable long-term variations and growth to be recognizable. Like, normatively, liberalism literally requires “equal opportunity” for every denizen in capitalism and democracy.

    But in reality, political scientists have shown the America’s poor do not have an equal opportunity (i.e., Olson, Bartels, Hacker and Pierson). Thus, this blog is designed to connect political science as a free resource for members of society…. the reality is that it only impacts a few people in a relatively insignificant way. But it is read worldwide–and imagine if it helped some political change in another country, simply because it provided “political science” to that person. Now here’s the twist–this is not an example of liberalism. This bog is an example of republicanism–me doing my part in “res publica!”

    So think about that…I may be a White male, but any department hiring me would, in realty, be advancing “diversity” (since most political scientists are liberals, by definition).

    Finally, is there anything on this blog you think would not be welcomed by any given political scientist?

  6. This blog shows that I understand centuries of APD, how I teach to gain median scores of 5 (i.e., excellent), my conference / published research, and much more.

    just sayin’:I do define liberalism, republicanism, and authoritarianism according to centuries of history, and also 70 years of amazing poli-sci research. You are right that any given excellent blog should help a PhD candidate get “recruited”, because an excellent blog may coordinate a departmental need (i.e., need a new APD multiple traditions scholar) and the appropriate blog matches on the internet.

    Back to reality, my normative understanding for how liberalism works on “Planet Liberalism” and how republicanism works on “Planet Republicanism” and how authoritarianism works on “Planet Authoritarianism” are indeed my perception of reality–but since I cannot as an individual literally fully understand or engage political, economic, and social society–other political scientists will need to show how my research contributes to the field in relation to other political scientists. In reality, two or more people are required to form consensus–and to organize 500 books for graduate students to read…

    My blog shows any individual in society just another person in society talking about political science. The question is: Is my narrow focus on political science meaningful to you (since you too may also only be able to “specialize” in a sub-field of political science and see this blog as a break)?

    By the way, you are in check again–and my Knight can take your Queen.

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