Poltical Scientists: “I’m American”

A lot of people at Wayne State talk to me and say…

“You’re theory.”

I respond, “my dissertation is on American political development; empirical multiple traditions.”

J. responds, “yea, republican culture and liberalism and authoritarianism… in Liberal-Land–you’re totally theory.”

So then, I say, “I’m American. It’s true that the first 300 pages of my dissertation are empirical theory with a traditional case study on the USA Patriot Act. But then I analyze the USA Patriot Act in the news with coding in Chapter 8.”

And then J. says, “Oh, you are American.”

Today, an “Americanist” has to have quantitative analysis, I hear. I admit, even as a PhD Candidate, I’m still learning the language of political scientists.

Anyway, here’s a few posts–considering the idea of American political scientists

4 Perspectives on Interlocal Relations (Nice and Frederickson)

An Interest Group Walks into a Comp. Exam

Beyond Socioeconomic Status (SES) (voting, money, and time)

Block-Republicans, Categorical-Democrats? (Grants and Federalism)

central cities that haunt the ending (Federalism)

Collective Dilemmas–Who Solves Them?

Democracy Doubts Citizens, But Then Lets Go (Carpini and Keeter, Are Voters G’s?)

Democracy: By Huh? and Duh? (Teixeira’s Why Americans Don’t VOTE)

E.E. Schattschneider’s “scope of conflict”

Interest Groups Maim the Median Voter (Rise and Decline of Olson’s View)

Party Extremists are more likely to Lose an Election

Pipes and Flutes for Interest Groups (Interest Groups)

Researching Political Campaigns

The American Voter, then. (American Voter, Chapters 6 & 7)

What is Federalism?

Working Paper: A Rational Choice Approach to the Democratic Core

***** just sayin’ ************
This list does not include much of my research agenda: Presidency, American Political Development, Institutions, Congress, Courts. But, if you’re an Americanist, then the former links should be helpful…


4 thoughts on “Poltical Scientists: “I’m American”

  1. Looks like I’ll be submitting with Jeff Grynaviski (multiple traditions and resolutions of instruction) and another solo paper, which is a result of my dissertation–there is evidence of republicanism in America as a competing ideology with liberalism as a response to 9/11.

    And you?

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