The “republican Party” Gains Seats in US House in 2044.

Since 1995, I’ve been investing a lot of time in researching politics and political science.

We know that America’s first two parties went by different names and advocated different things. However, soon the Whig Party burst asunder, and the Republican Party (anti-slavery) was born.

Now, both American political parties in 2013 are “liberal” parties.

The progressive Democrats want to use capitalism for the benefit of a strong middle class, even if that means taxing the rich much more than the poor, and channeling that money back to the poor.

Conservatives can’t stand progressives, because redistribution flies in the face of “the liberal tradition.” Our property is our own, and the government should not be able to tax it away from us.

Considering America’s long history of political development, which current party might Whig out? Who would win?

I argue that both parties could lose to republicans–with a small r–if inequality continues to collapse the middle class. I believe that republicans have always been members of American politics, and may one day have enough voters to co-opt and overtake one of the parties. But which one?

Possibly the Republicans. They are split between classic liberals-(ideological conservative)-let’s kill welfare and Obamacare and eventually all taxes; and, the compassionate conservative Republicans–let’s improve the welfare state by going to non-profits, and then weaning the non-profits off the government.

republicans could responsibly join the conservative Republicans at the right time, since they would first advocate higher education and healthcare resources to be available to all citizens, regardless of income. The Tea Party would dissipate as today’s progressives become tomorrow’s conservatives–and today’s conservatives vanish as the social paradigm shifted completely in favor of fair opportunity, rather than free opportunity.

Possibly the Democrats. Their experimentation with capitalism for increasing the welfare state is difficult because of the national debt, debt ceiling, and interest expenses. If the Tea Party Conservatives can keep moving the liberal ideological spectrum to the right, then the Democrats will keep implementing compassionate conservative type legislation (e.g., Obamacare without the public option).

republicans could responsibly replace the progressive Democrats at the right time, since they would first advocate higher education and healthcare resources to be available to all citizens, regardless of income. The republicans would stop advocating big government within the Democratic Party, while still “experimenting” with liberalism in order to reduce corruption, inequality, and rapacious capitalism.

Why? republicans are against inequality, and inequality is rampant in America in the early 21st century. Like, as a republican, if I owned a McDonalds, then I would pay my full-time employees the national median, and my part-time employees about $14 an hour (which barely covers gas to and from work, let alone daycare). After I make a million as the franchise owner, for sure, I will distribute 20% to my managers, 20% to my employees, and 60% to me.

So, if I made $2 Million as a liberal (i.e., Democrats and Republicans today), then I would be geeked. And if I made $2 Million as a republican (not a liberal), then I would really have 1.6 Million, my four managers made about $85,000. And my employees got an extra $5,000 bonus check. Is republicanism a viable ideology? Well, either just the owner can be geeked (liberalism), or all the employees (republicanism).

Yea, as a republican, I’m happier.

Don’t worry Democrats and Republicans, it’s just political business to be attended to…


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