what’s a “Liberal democrat”? An American!

Get to know a Liberal–and you may be surprised to find; the classic liberal in the early 21st century is called an American conservative.

Both American political parties are liberal parties… that was said by Alan Ware (1996) and Louis Hartz (1955), and many others over time in professional journals (I.e., not the media). Did you know that?

The Democrat is as Liberal as the Republican in America in the early 21st century… they illuminate different sides of the same coin! Well, see for your Self:

A Political Scientist gets a Job in the Private Sector

America’s Liberal Tradition: Hartz and Tocqueville

American Exceptionalism as a Guide

Are Democrats and Republicans “two boxers, swinging wildly”?

Lockean Liberalism—Our National Creed?

Louis Hartz Liberalism

Original Locke

Political Scientist as Consultant: liberal or republican

Supreme Court: Is Citizens United a lot like Lochner?


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