just republicans

Listen, when I say republicanism, I do not mean Republicans.

It is possible that small r republicans (the ideology walkers) could replace the classic liberals of the Republican Party in early 21st century America (the party name). Well, read these posts on being (e.g., dasein) a republican, not necessarily a Republican, and see for your Self…

republicanism illuminates spectacular fireworks

republicanism Does Pardon Edward Snowden

Republicanism and Demagoguery (Tulis)

Republicanism via Pettit, 1999

The Language of Republicanism (part 5 of infinity)

Republicanism’s Path for 21st Century Dominance

Literature Review of Republicanism (D1)

Maynor on republicanism.

Is Obama acting like Cincinnatus?

it’s War! not one wo/man’s “Chance” at Drone Death!

Stompin’ on the Constitution?

The Prince and the Republican Cloak of Virtue

“Guardians of res publica Annual Prize”–2013



11 thoughts on “just republicans

  1. On being x and dasein have very distinct meanings. FYI.

    Also, your posts have been less interesting as of late. Stay your game up! Busy with the dissertation?

  2. it’s just not my style to write about my research until it’s either published or ready for the file cabinet drawer. My style may not be quantitatively efficient or rational according to blog research… but it’s my style. Like, researching with Prof. Jeff Grynaviski is a learning process that doesn’t belong on my blog.

    My blog is not a representation of me, but simply a tool I use for myself.

    As a subsidiary function, it is available to the world–and you.

    Have you tried one of my teaching lectures yet?

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