90 comments on: Ideal Candidate for Public Office

As of this post, there are 90 comments on my post: Me as Republican Candidate: Part I.  Below is the 90th post, by me.

“Republican” government goes back to Greece and the Ancients. If the founder’s crafted beer (they generally drank madeira–see link below), they should have named it Cato! Now, what’s really important is that political scientists today say that America is a liberal state; meaning, Americans practice capitalism economically and procedural democracy politically. The constitution was the best “compromise of competing ideals” republicans could come up with… liberalism burst onto the scene–and Americans became infatuated with the Alger Myth (i.e., if I work hard in America, then by my own will and strength, I will make management–the middle class).

To get at the bottom of this, we may need a few more Catos.

First, Derik admits that the constitution is a changing document (13th-21st Amendments) (not that he admitted that the 3/5ths Clause legalized slavery, in the “original” constitution).

Culturally and politically, the people are/were either injured by the constitution, or at least disagree with the constitution; so much that it should be changed in order “to protect people in society from people in society, and from their government.”

Now, if the former is “republicanism,” which I do favor, then we should focus on the people’s rights to life, liberty, and happiness more so than any given written document.

As an American, do I like having the 4th Amendment to protect me from illegal search and seizure at the hands of my government or fellow citizens? you bet.



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