Freedom starts with Free, actually.

Ron Paul, in his Farewell Address from the U.S. House of Representatives, 2012, said:

American now suffers from a culture of violence. It’s easy to reject the initiation of violence against one’s neighbor but it’s ironic that the people arbitrarily and freely anoint government officials with monopoly power to initiate violence against the American people—practically at will.

But isn’t there a time when the government (the people’s representatives) say “enough” to absolutely horrific violence perpetrated against other people by authoritarians? If Syria’s leader is authoritarian, and genocidal, then when does Ron Paul say, “Alright, send in Seal Team 8.”?

Liberty is free–if you live as a libertarian–so long as you quell authoritarians! Ron Paul rightly blasts authoritarians. However, when are words not enough anymore?

Unfortunately, negative externalities arise at every step forward…. If the US invades Syria, then there shall be many costs. And we should not overlook the possibility that perpetual fighting against other nations may turn the American spirit sour.

Perpetual war could mean that Americans forget that their God-given liberty is free, because the government and the citizenry supports it. Freedom’s certainly not free when you have to fight for it–and you have to fight for it because fellow citizens and/or your government are authoritarians….

In America, freedom is protected. And Americans have spent a lot of capital to be sure of it.


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