a classic liberal ? gets answered

My “Interludes” are inspired from reading Nietzsche’s “Epigrams and Interludes” (1992). For example, #73-a says, “Whoever reaches his ideal transcends it eo ipso. Many a peacock hides his peacock tail from all eyes–and calls that his pride” (270).

My Interlude: A classic liberal in America asks: What is welfare to society? A republican answers: It’s you imposing your religion.

Who else  spoke?

The Translation–liberals are focused on aspects pertaining to capitalism. A republican is not interested in money, rather, worthwhile activity that is efficacious.





5 thoughts on “a classic liberal ? gets answered

  1. Well that’s just it… ideological conservatives fundamentally believe that (1) inequality will always exist and (2) if you give the poor money to survive with the basic necessities, then the poor will have no incentive to find a job and work–and society will decay. Welfare is a heuristic for decay to an ideological conservative.

    However, most conservatives are Christians. Christian “values” often suggest that “we the people” are equal under God, though He gave us different abilities and purposes. To be terse about it: A good Christian will “cooperate” with fellow human beings–the idea of the “survival of the fittest” (i.e., poor will die off) is not-Christian.

    So, an ideological conservative, with deliberative thought, will agree that the poor shall be lifted from poverty, all children will receive a “fair” education and adequate healthcare…. Indeed, and I mean “by deeds,” all American conservatives will have an immediate answer to solve this social problem. And when we think of Jesus in the marketplace–we can be pretty sure that the answer is not capitalism–or a free market without structure for middle-class growth.

    And when you talk about middle-class growth, oh yea, you are talking about votes.

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