Teaching PS 101 this Fall? Try these Interactive Lectures!

Lecture Collaboration: As a teacher, after a group assignment or after a lecture, I sometimes ask my students to show five fingers for “hated it” and a fist for “loved it.” Even though there have only been a few classrooms full of eager fists, I hope that sharing these Lectures with you is worthwhile, and that collaboration will lead to greater efficacy. So below are examples of how I sometimes teach (the lectures students say were a success).

My Template: All in-class assignments / handouts are formatted with at least the following: (1) title, (2) the chapter it corresponds to in the class (i.e. Congress for P.S. 101), (3) detailed outline of activities and expected minutes used for the teacher—the instructions, (4) the actual handout (perhaps to be projected) for the students—the work to be completed.

See here (scroll down). Downloadable interactive lectures come with instructions.


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