a socialist, ideological conservative, and compassionate conservative…

There’s been a lot of talk about “Me as a Republican Candidate” (see here). In this post, I gave a broad spectrum of beliefs for what will become my political platform. A socialist, from Belgium, decided to ask me a few questions. An ideological conservative joined the conversation. It’s become a little book, really.

Most of the debate centers around a fight between two conservatives. Derik is a “classic liberal” conservative. His point of view is likely in good company amongst Tea Partiers, neo-cons, neo-liberals, and ideological conservatives. These are right-wing conservatives. Their political philosophy is more centered around capitalism than the needs of Average Joe (I.e. democracy). However, John (i.e., political pipeline), is a “republican” conservative, and he prefers moderate Republicans and the Average Joe (i.e. democracy over capitalism). Whereas Derik understands that the future / freedom depends on capitalistic entrepreneurs–and protecting them; John understands that the future / freedom depends on entrepreneurs who will engage in worthwhile and efficacious activity.

To pigeonhole these two: Derik sees the future as small, limited government amidst a multitude of for-profit industries. John sees the future as strong, local government amidst a multitude of competing for-profit and non-profit organizations / associations.

Both would run for office as a Republican in America. Today, as you know, it’s much more likely that Derik will be elected in a “safe” Republican district. Whereas John will focus on public policy for the Average Joe, like higher education reform; Derik’s followers will label John a RINO. If the election were held today, Derik would be elected over John.

See the debate here–and question why Derik would almost always win in the early 21st century in a Republican U.S. Congressional District over John.


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