Grad. Students Efficient and Efficacious

A couple of years ago, I joined the Political Science Graduate Student Organization. Within this group is the Political Science Research Council, which focuses on organizing seminars and research workshops. As Wayne State is a R1 (Research) institution, many of our conversations revolve around publishing / conferences. During the 2011 term, we created an online space for PS graduate students. The Blackboard space has comp. exam information, job search information, research tools… basically, it’s an online space to increase student efficiency and efficacy.

For example, I started the “Facilitating Research Project.” My goal was to generate a list every semester regarding all graduate students’ research interests–and to make that list available to faculty. New students would be able to look at this list and see what his or her peer is interested in researching. Faculty would know exactly who is interested in their sub-field.

Create an online space at your institution–just have the graduate student organization email bbadmin@yourschool.


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