Let’s Debate Health Care

Will Durant said that philosophers don’t usually disagree once they agree on the definitions of things under discussion. When I start a discussion about health care… I start with this two page handout (click here), which I crafted using http://healthcare.procon.org/

Do you think Republicans line up on the right side and Democrats on the Left side? When might they both agree?

So: Do an [class] experiment (i.e. higher level teaching). Have people (i.e. the students) write down (in secret) how they rank themselves on a scale of 1-7; with 1 being very liberal, 4 being an independent, and 7 being very conservative. Then, have the students circle the 5 most meaningful numbered statements from page 1. Tally the results on the board.

Hand out and go over page 2 in detail. Then, ask students to circle the 5 most meaningful numbered statements from page 1 again. Tally. Has the pattern changed? Did someone change his or her mind? Why? Was this assignment a fair representation of the US health care debate? Why or why not?


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