So I Paid Six Pence…

Below is an excerpt from my first novel, N. Awakening; The Origin of the Nobill Revolution. I self-published this novel before entering the PhD political science program. Will Durant said in The Story of Philosophy that to be a philosopher the author must actually describe a way to live. In short, N. Awakening describes a philosophy for life. The excerpt below is from the afterward…

My six pence: If you believe what the mass projects, you lack the will to live.[1] Think of the drastic (positive) changes that have created today’s reality because of people who have argued their passions, humane logic and natural reason—because they decided to walk themselves (and America) to a better place. Why wait for government to affect you in the next years? Why not write, speak out and affect politics? Why not shout your slogan into those elected ears? How powerful a message would 100,000 votes for freedom be to the ruling representatives? We would be a minority, but let us hold onto Durant, “History in the large is the conflict of minorities; the majority applauds the victor and supplies the human material of social experiment.”

Again, our American and global society is red-lining[2] in first gear and global leaders are grinding the gears as they attempt the necessary shift. Because communication is finally global at nearly all levels of business, culture and government, we are finally moving together as one machinery (whether we like it or not), but still in a state of crisis and hopefully not stalling. I believe our current politicians are holding the road map upside down too, since it seems clear that they travel away from increasing humane practices. And if our global leaders continue to grind the political, ecological and economic gears, then isn’t it possible that they might break the transmission?[3] And most importantly, how might you, my reader, do something to help smoothly shift the political, ecological and economic gear?

…When we go to the polls in November,[4] let us write: Joe Gratis! [for President and Congressperson].

[1] By “believe” I generally mean your philosophy, or, what you would write down on a piece of paper to describe your Self. By “mass projects” I generally mean the philosophies argued by your local religion, popular culture, mass media, general education, community beliefs, or ingrained family beliefs, etc. By “you lack the will to live” I generally mean that you do not seek knowledge on a daily basis to feed your mind and you do not bring your spirit toward God. Certainly, other people cannot put knowledge into your head and other people cannot bring you closer to God. Therefore, you lack a spiritual life and you lack the knowledge that would enable you to be full of life.

[2] Is it true that boats are dumping nuclear waste off the coast of Somalia? What would that mean for…our ocean?

[3] What river, lake, or stream on earth would you let your children drink from?

[4] In any month in any country… but since I’m appealing to you who never vote [in America](and those of us who hate voting), remember to (go to the Secretary of State and REGISTER) vote. It’s free—–dom!

***Title: yea, it should be “So I Paid a Sixpence…” like, it’s a joke for those who seriously study American history.


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