Epigram: Surfing Political Pipeline [part I]

  1. My co-pilot is a student,
    A first year independent.
  2. Remember:
  3. the war to transcend liberalism;
  4. long last at it was– is over.
  5. We no longer transcend it!
  6. ’tis a fool’s errand!

Now we are surfing: Political Pipeline

Let us explore!

Says Louis Hartz:

Born Equal and Opportunity.
The status quo determines,
The categories of revolution.
Jefferson the Hero and Hamilton the Villain—
The nation never really sinned:
Only its inferior self did.
A new Jefferson arises, like a phoenix;
So instead of recapturing our past,
We have got to transcend it,

We are at the shore.

What is your line?


This epigram is composed of highlights from two previous posts. They are:

Positivism for Millennium 3

Lockean Liberalism—Our National Creed?


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