Teaching and Learning Conference 2013, Long Beach

I will be presenting a paper at the 2013 Teaching and Learning Conference. See paper here.


I experiment with teaching (and students’ learning) scholarly articles from the field of Political Science in “Introduction to American Government.” From my perspective [teaching], this essay explains how I organized, implemented and evaluated two collaborative workshops as well as two essays based on a scholarly journal articles. I designed to see: (1) if students would gain a better understanding of what a political scientist does at work—the researcher, than otherwise; (2) if there are any patterns regarding attitudes toward collaboration in an undergraduate college setting which should be implemented long-term; (3) if collaborative workshops are preferred to lectures (with the supplement of PowerPoint); and (4) if essays based on professional political science articles should replace multiple choice tests.

I Hypothesize that educators should teach / lecture “Introduction to American Government” with a demonstration of the depth within top-tier scholarly research. The data suggests that teachers should use this approach; but not in excess, and it should not be a replacement for lectures (with PowerPoint). This paper provides the rubrics given to the students for the essay assignments as well as the essay choices, survey analysis, workshop instructions and handouts [for replication purposes], and briefly explains the teaching experiment.


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