Excellent Graduate Teacher, part II

It is in every professor’s interest to publish in every good journal. Isn’t the University designed to create maximum efficiency regarding this matter? Well, it is; if, you make it part of the system… The following I learned from an excellent professor in graduate school.

  1. In the class site (e.g. Blackboard, Wiki), upload the current rankings of poli-sci journals. See rank of journals.
  2. Assign during week 1 for week 2 (10% of grade, 100% of career): Read the article: “Ranking Political Science Journals: Reputational and Citational Approaches” by Giles and Garand (2007) (the upload from step 1). Visit at least 30 of the 90 journals, according to your interests, and write a three page essay comparing two of the journals–similarities and differences. Guidelines: explore implications of the missions (page 1). Who is its niche market? Why? (page 2). What are some recent article topics–hypothesis the articles’ test? (page 3). What are some of the new topics that this journal should address in the next five years? (page 3-4). Do you have a hypothesis that you would test (last paragraph)?

Well done, Professor. You just updated yourself on the field, learned about the students via their writing, learned about your students’ possible research interests–and now they certainly all are thinking about publishing possibilities. Well done!


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