Do You Have Republican, Liberal or Authoritarian Healthcare?

The interlude: American medical doctors that cheat Medicare or Medicaid steal from the American people. So they are prosecuted. But in a liberal society, the private sector might wholly manage healthcare. And if doctors cheat the private insurance companies–who will prosecute? In this liberal society; private insurance companies need the government to secure many rules and regulations, so that the protection for the people is codified from doctors cheating the insurance companies. Of course, private insurance companies, within liberalism’s capitalism and democracy, cannot cheat the people either. Thus, the people require all sorts of protections–call this healthcare security.

A liberal society (capitalism and democracy via Hartz) might ethically need to limit capitalism–telling capitalism that it has no right to make a profit on the peoples’ health. In a wholly liberal land, expect to hear; “Healthcare is a not-for-profit industry.” In a wholly republican land, expect to hear; “Healthcare is expensive, but not salient anymore. We all pay our fair share and all are served regardless.” Then again, we could have healthcare through an authoritarian system, where we perhaps hear; “Healthcare rules protect those in power; the consumer is the lowest on the totem pole, and may be left in the cold to die.”

People with mental illness need help, and in a republican society, there arises this market for social workers and psychologists–everywhere available to all denizens. America, on all surfaces; however, seems liberal (Hartz). But America’s heart, never doubt, is republican. America will take the opportunity to care for its own people, hopefully sooner than later. Call this healthcare equity. Let us measure its paucity in a mostly liberal society. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the peoples’ right to life, liberty and happiness is secure.




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